Hey. I just wanna jump in to say to you and other newbies who may read this: go easy on yourself right now.

Honestly the learning curve for even opening one new account is pretty steep. To try to get in on multiple accounts, especially when you (like many of us) dont have extra cash to float on all the new accounts is legit difficult even for someone technically savvy. This isnt learning a new program. Its learning a new skill that for some people is a legit career path that takes years to get fully comfortable with. *Except at a time when each of these companies is behaving erratically and overloaded with users so their support is pretty shoddy.*

I remember when I first tried to get in in 2017 and it was a heart attack for 7 days straight between trying to learn the lingo and the platforms, let alone getting approved to buy etc. And honestly, reddit wasnt much help when it came to asking questions. But reading posts gave me a serious breadth of knowledge.

It is part of the culture to not hold a newbies hand. But the thing is (and probably the reason why Im writing all this) once platforms like RH started limiting buys, it WAS the newbies that helped to keep this boat afloat. The people buying between 1-5 shares. The people getting an account for the first time simply because they wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves, too. (And yes, the whales. And yes, the ppl who have multiple platforms. But also... *you*.)

So rest assured knowing that you are doing everything right. And even if youre not... you bought a stock you liked and the rest isnt that important. Youre supposed to stumble as your learn this shit. Im not a financial advisor. And I failed at most of what I attempted so dont listen to anything I say. But I like the idea of just holding whatever share(s) are already bought. And holding it in RH is fine. Especially since fidelity is putting limits on sells that are only 50% above or below the market price. That may make it hard to get in at a great profit during the squeeze anyway and from what I understand RH is putting the limit at 5k as of today (my account was at least.)

You dont need to put a limit in for sale at all- you should do whatever makes you happy and I am not giving financial advice- but if you do- RH is a fine place to do it (or Trade Zero. But no need to add a third broker at this point.)

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