Being the child of a celebrity can be an interesting experience for those fortunate enough to be born into the lifestyle, and while some just do their own thing and fade off, others try and get some shine while they can. For Wayne Gretzky, many people know that he is the greatest hockey player of all time, but these days, plenty of people know all about his gorgeous daughter, Paulina. Even though she is not someone that is consumed with fame and fortune, fans of the Great One have all gotten to see what she brings to the table, and as it were, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world today.

Needless to say, there are plenty of photos of Paulina that Wayne would like to keep under wraps, but it just so happens that we have them all here. These 20 pictures of Paulina Gretzky are almost too intense to handle!

19 Bathed In Blue

Paulina Gretzky is one of the best-looking women in the world, and while she does look good in a little bit of everything, she looks especially nice in blue while showing off some skin. This photo here shows her giving off a playful vibe, which helps set the tone of the picture.

18 The Grand Finale

For the last photo on this list, we had to find one of Paulina Gretzky that captures her showing off everything that people like to see. Paulina has a gorgeous face and body, and when she has the chance to show them off, she is able to place herself ahead of most everyone else.

17 What A Babe

This photo is a truly gorgeous snap, and its simplistic nature and tone are what makes it so brilliant. Sure, Paulina is always able to look great, but doing this in such an effective way in a simple photo is a testament to her looks as well as her modeling abilities.

16 Letting The World Know

Venturing down the red carpet with the world watching can be a daunting task for the inexperienced, and the people that know how to strut their stuff usually ooze confidence each day. Paulina has confidence in spades, and this photo of her at an event has all the proof that people need.

15 Absolutely Stunning

Having the body and the beauty needed for modeling is incredibly rare, and the people blessed with both make sure to cash in while they still can. Paulina has been featured in some impressive publications, and even when the setting of the photo is a relatively simple one, she still looks amazing and beautiful.

14 Strutting Her Stuff

Whenever she is out on the links watching some professional gold unfold, Paulina knows that all cameras are going to be on her. Because of this, she always makes sure to look as gorgeous as possible. In this snap, she is letting the people there know that she means business.

13 Getting In A Workout

Women like Paulina Gretzky are always being photographed, so they make sure to keep themselves in shape and tan at all times. In this snap, Paulina is getting her sweat on, and thanks to putting in the work every day, she is always in the best shape possible for the world to see.

12 A Nice Backswing

Paulina may not be a professional golfer, but it just so happens that she is married to one. Because of this, many guys are more than interested in the sport of golf to see if they can lock down someone as beautiful as she is. This photo is a great shot of her mid-swing.

11 Too Beautiful To Handle

Looking good in a swimsuit is the name of the game for Paulina Gretzky, but every once in awhile, it is nice to see a snap of her wearing something else, especially in formal wear. While there are some people that prefer something skimpy and black, there isn’t a single person that will complain about this look.

10 Workout Fun

Getting a workout and looking great while doing so is nearly impossible, but some people are just able to make it happen. This photo with Paulina taking care of business while getting in some cardio just goes to show people that there are levels to this stuff. This photo should serve as an inspiration to people.

9 Yoga

Yoga can be a beneficial activity for people looking to stay active without having to run or lift weights, and it is pretty common to see gorgeous women getting down in the yoga studio. Seeing Paulina Gretzky get her yoga on is enough for a bunch of new signups at local yoga spots.

8 The Perfect Flair

Setting the stage for a photo is incredibly important, and someone that gets their photo taken a lot knows the value of staging better than most. While this picture is in a basic auditorium, Paulina was still able to get the most out of the photo while making herself look as gorgeous as possible.

7 Model Behavior

Being on the set of a gorgeous photoshoot is nothing short of a pipe dream for most people, but Paulina knows all about the finer things in life, and she excels in making other people’s dreams her own reality. This photo shows her having some fun while showing off a ton of modeling potential for the world to see.

6 Simply Wonderful

Paulina Gretzky has spent a lifetime in front of cameras and around people that want nothing more than to get a snap of her, so it would make sense that she knows how to turn things up and be a stunner in any photo that she appears in. The photographer behind this photo must have loved working with someone as talented as Paulina.

5 Flaunting It

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a minute to appreciate the little things in life. While this photo is pretty simple in nature, it perfectly captures so much about the beautiful Paulina Gretzky. She is a true looker, and she has a body that just won’t quit. She legitimately looks better than most people while doing something so pedestrian.

4 Watching It All

Now that we are getting towards the end of this list, it makes sense to mix things up and throw in a curveball. We have featured plenty of photos of Paulina in white, so placing this photo of her in a black fit was something that simply had to happen. Isn’t she stunning?

3 A True Looker

Modeling is a lot more difficult than it seems, and the people that excel in this arena usually put in a ton of work to hone their craft. This beautiful snap of Paulina looking off in the distance shows off a ton of her modeling abilities. People cannot get enough of her!

2 Poolside Beauty

Getting the chance to relax and be comfortable is something we all look forward to, but few of us have the luxury to do this as often as Paulina can. Not only can we not do this as often, but most people don’t look nearly as good as she does when she cranks up the heat in a photo.

1 A Candid Snap

This photo of Paulina shows her strutting her stuff, and while it may not be a photo on a professional setting, she is still able to look flawless. Gretzky knows how to look amazing during any occasion, and this photo is an indicator of what she brings to the table.


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